Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Reflections on the Claise

On the way back from the brocante at Martizay on Sunday I decided to take advantage of the fine afternoon to take some pictures along the river Claise - hope I'm not boring you with these Autumn shots.

Bridge at Martizay

From the bridge

Boats on the Claise

Big trees at Preuilly-sur-Claise

Footbridge at Preuilly-sur-Claise

Reflections Prueilly-sur-Claise
 From the bridge at Chaumussay

Other side of the bridge.

Hard to believe it was October 30th here in the Loire Valley !

The last three are from the bridge on our street, Avenue Andre Theuriet,in le Grand Pressigny.
On the 9th November.


  1. Love the pics Jim. The reflections are fantastic.
    Wish I was there :o((

  2. Thanks Gaynor,inspired me to change the name on the post!

  3. Hi Jim, I know they sound similar but your brocante was in Martizay--not Charnizay :-). Our village sits atop an escarpment in the valley of the Aigronne; Martizay--which has a far bigger brocante sits on the river Claise. We had great fun at it's brocante last year.

  4. I think I had been looking at your blog before posting - yes of course it was Martizay - thanks for that. You seem to have had a good visit back to UK. We have 'done' Arthur's seat a few times as this was Pauline's home town.

  5. Jim - we had an excellent visit thanks. 'Doing' Arthur's Seat is part of any visit to Edinburgh.

    BTW didn't know our blog had such a powerful effect ;-) Antoinette