Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Whoops - just when you thought it was finished!

My recent joy at the roadworks being completed and the end to dust and noise has been short lived. Yesterday morning I was alerted (its not difficult) to the sound of a pneumatic hammer drill just outside our gates. Surely they cannot be digging up our lovely new road surface? Oh yes they can..

Seems they have covered over some manhole covers and are having to dig them up.

 Now if they put 50mm of tar on top when they were laying the new surface I wonder how they have raised it level - bet you a pound to a penny that we shall have a little problem here in future.Although judging by my pic. we could have some divine intervention. It is always difficult to patch tar successfully but that won't be a problem they have cemented it in ! 

But where can we mix the cement - not on the new tar surely...

It's really not reassuring that it is the same the world over.

Two footnotes: 
1) Manholes - In a previous life my company (as was then) helped to come up with a solution to the sinking manhole problem and eventually convinced Blackpool council roads department to 'trial' it - worked a treat but no-one had the budget to commit to it - so they decided to continue wasting money on  continuous small repairs.

2) Intervention- The band our son Michael plays keyboards in have a track called.. You guessed it  'Intervention' He also put together the TOP2 ish video.

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  1. I agree it happens wherever you go!!! It will be for new electricity cables next or has Barrou's already been put underground!!! C