Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Moseying along...

We decided to do our 'lets go this way for a change' thing when we left Loches on Sunday, which must now have exhausted all the possibilities and headed in the direction of Manthelan, in the certain knowledge that we needed to turn left at some point to get us back home. Not scientific I know and not with a map either but there it was, the first major (which wasn't very major) turning off to the left and it took us through the village of Mouzay. It was similar in size to Barrou and on the face of, just as quiet. 

The first thing we noticed as we parked was the interesting telephone kiosk unlike what you might see in the UK, sadly the inside was.

It has a pretty little (too) pristine 12th century church , St. Philip and St. Jacques,which looks to have recently been given a complete 'top to toe' makeover. Surprisingly it was locked - on Remembrance Sunday?, maybe to keep the kiosk dwellers out! 

The road from here to Ciran presented a number of photo opportunities - here's one of them.

As usual you can click to enlarge.

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  1. That's a beautiful photo, Jim. It captures the changing season so well.