Saturday, 5 November 2011

M.La Gaffe

The French have a cartoon character who goes by the name of Gaston Lagaffe (modified his pic to look more like me) he just can't seem to put a foot right! Today I was that man. First of all I awoke to find I (or Madam) had left the passenger door  window open (thus my suspicions) and of course this allowed the rain to leave its mark. Then I went to our local dechetterie and after banking a few bottles I decided to drive up to a nearby unoccupied house that has always intrigued me - I was not just being nosey - although I can be - it was to be some materiel for another post. Anyway rather then reverse back down the lane I decided to reverse into a field to turn the car around. This proved to be a bit of a gaffe as, with all the recent rain, the ground was rather soft. David, my neighbour, first came to the rescue - by a simple request - but when we looked at how stuck it was and the lane surface,decided it may be harder then anticipated. Help was at hand as the local farmer had spied my predicament and came to the rescue.

He even had to show us where to fix the towing eye (often wondered what that was for) before wheeching us out. Tres gentil.

Should not have gone there!


  1. Jim,
    We live and learn ....... hopefully! :o)
    Good job help was close at hand.

  2. Someone once told me it's a motoring offence in France if you end up in a ditch and have to be pulled out by a tractor. Consequently we always give all ditches, farm gateways and tracks a wide berth.

    I hope you don't end up in jail (or with a hefty bill from the tractor driver) !!

  3. Gaynor - I am guilty of making the same mistakes...

    Jean - It cost me a bottle of red wine.