Wednesday, 23 November 2011

No takers...

We went out for a walk yesterday afternoon  and noticed our neighbours kaki (persimmon) tree is over-laden with fruit. A great deal of it is hanging over their fence onto the river bank walk in the village. They will probably not be harvested as the house is the holiday home of our friends Mike and Pat who probably won't be back over in time to take advantage of such a good crop. They are happy for anyone to use them rather than  seeing them going to waste.

Pauline found a recipe for a persimmon tart here if anyone is interested.

It was the 22nd of November but you'd never have known - no jacket required (was that not a Phil Collins' album),what a great month we've had!

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  1. We still can't believe it's November! The weather to date has been wonderful, as you say, and the garden is constantly throwing up surprises brought about by the unseasonal temperatures. We still have the odd raspberry to pick and our clematis, "The President", is in full flower. Quite remarkable!