Friday, 25 November 2011

"la Main Jaune"

 Yes as Colin and Elizabeth pointed out its the 'Yellow hand' (surely should be arm or almost arm) on the (Rond-Point de Pila ) roundabout  here in Chatellerault. Was going around it again on Wednesday evening after a day out in town. Interestingly 'google earth' still shows it with trees - which I much preferred! At first I thought it was showing the evolution of a French model of car - but apparently not, its random manufactures and is meant to represent the industrial aspect (arm perhaps) of the town.

Colin and Elizabeth  did a blog on it here... back in March

Simon did a blog here.. September 2010


  1. Yours is a great photo - I have not managed to get a good one yet - it's not easy while whizzing round the roundabout !!
    In fact I'm surprised it's not an accident black spot, all those people getting their cameras out instead of concentrating on the road ahead !!

  2. Jean,

    Had the good sense to pull into industrial estate and walk back! Pauline getting used to these sudden 'pic-stops'.

  3. I don't know about evolution... but all the ones on the arm are classic design styles all hatching out of a black 'egg' [sorry... Rugby ball]! Fiat 500, Real Morris/Austin Mini, Renault Dauphine, early Beetle [Cochinelle], Citroen 2CV.... and then I'm not so sure... Peugeot 106 but far from being a classic... and then back to a Renault Twingo [with that 'smile'... bound to be a collectors classic!]
    Tim... signed in as Pauline... or RonRon [the cat]