Saturday, 26 November 2011

Around about Christmas...

Talking about roundabouts...

Dropped Pauline off at Tours airport on Thursday, away to visit mum and catch up with two of our sons in Scotland. Gone are the days when we would both go on every visit - Ryanair's flight changes and new prices have put a stop to that. Used to be 10.00 euro to Stansted then10.00 euro to Prestwick and £6.00 for taxi from airport to her mum's. They have stopped the flights to Prestwick from Stansted so its a case of trying to time the few options to tie in flight to Glasgow via other airline. Ah for the good old days! Anyway I'm self-catering until Tuesday.

On the way back down,after coming down the hill from the high part of Veigne to what is really the village, to get onto the D50  you go around a small  Rond-Point.  It had been give the festive touch - it's not even December yet for goodness sake!
 I had to do a double take, as it was so lifelike that I was sure it was the real Father Christmas sitting there - not, more like Mr Bean - classy!.

Ryanair footnote: I'm sure everyone has seen it but just in case here is a link to Fascinating Aida's 'Cheap flights' video


  1. I hope Pauline has a nice time with her family - and good luck with the cooking!!
    Have you got your license ready, just in case? The one that permits you to operate the cooker without supervision? !!!!

    I am dismayed to see the Santa on the rond-pont - one of the things I love about France is that they don't usually go overboard for Christmas the way we do....hey ho...

  2. Jean,
    I am actually quite domesticated - and house trained,so I'll be fine. I'm a sort of 'bah humbug guy' at this time of year when it comes to commercialism - but then that's part of my job as a 'grumpy old man'!

  3. According to the local paper, Ryanair are starting flights to Tours from Manchester next year. Surely better than Stansted! (memories of chaotic train journey from Leeds via Peterborough, first train cancelled, arrive at Peterborough with minutes to spare, which platform is it????? Toy train to Stansted stopping at every blade of grass... or go via London and pay 12 times more)

  4. Yes we are aware of these, going to check them out - might be our best option - then hire car for last stage. The two flight deals for 20 euros were always too good to last!

    Thanks for heads-up anyway;