Saturday, 5 November 2011

French signs 2

I just love French signage, my first post on the subject was to be as informative as they sometimes can be (Jean of A very Grand Pressigny  has stolen my thunder-she's very clever that lady) My first example (there will be more) is at a junction on a country road near Martizay,if my memory serves me well. It tells you where you have come from, if you turn your head around at the junction - and also lets you know where turning left will take you but as for turning right well you will just have to guess! I turned right in the certain knowledge that I knew where I'd come from and knew I didn't want to go left - easy really.


  1. Very special these French signs... I think they still like to confuse the enemy [mainly from Paris now though, I think!]

  2. Works for me but then I'm easily confused - though no enemy.