Saturday, 12 November 2011

Guess what...

Jean from A very Grand Pressigny gives you these from time to time, so I thought I'd challenge anyone out there with this one.

No--no-- Its the top of my least redeeming feature (do I have any?) 
Anyone who knows me, knows I am folically (and can't spell)  challenged and as such have little protection when it comes to the odd bump or two on the head - I seem to get more than my fair share - which could explain a great deal - the latest was against a nasty big protruding nail as I worked at trying to remove a tree stump from beside a wall (that's another story). I am nearly always carrying the scars of a recent bump, so much so that a friend (Karen) bought me something she thought might help at a local brocante,

I didn't think it was nearly as funny as our other friend Liz obviously did!


  1. Suits you, sir!
    No Jim, you are not folically challenged... you just use to much brain power and it burns the hair before it can grow! Just look at all the professors that are bald!
    The other possibility is that you've grown through your natural hairline [Scots are getting taller these days! ;-)

  2. I definitely recommend that you wear it !! You need the protection and we all need a good laugh !!
    Could you ask Karen to look for another one? Nick has bashed his head so often on the beams in our cellar that he has had to cover them with foam - it still hurts but doesn't leave such a big dent !!!!

  3. Pauline, Like your explanations!


    Our French friends tell us they bump their heads only once as to do so again would be stupid!
    Well they have me sussed.