Thursday, 17 November 2011

Who'd have thought...

'Sunflowers in November'

Travelling back from Loches on Sunday we were pleasantly surprised by the sight of these sunflowers on our 'short cut' road off the main road at Ciran (D212 to avoid Liguiel). It was a beautiful November's day and made us feel so lucky to be here in the Loire Valley.When we got back to Barrou we picked the last of our lettuce and strawberries from the garden although don't know why I'm blogging this as we used to do this most Novembers in Scotland (not).


  1. Yes once you had dug them out of the snow!!!

  2. It's a good little shortcut that... doesn't just avoid the narrowness of Liggie... and occasional traffic jams caused by huge lorries... it saves at least five kilometres [plus the fuel saved from queue 'parking'] and that all adds up at fuel prices nowadays.

    The 'late' Sunflowers are lovely... there's another field on the La Celle Guenand to Loches/Perrusson on our route for Lidl and LeClerc and "Halls & Fields". I think that they are late sowings that didn't even start to germinate because of the drought. But if the farmers leave them to finish, and don't harvest what is probably cheaper to leave, then the finches will have some good winter feeding this year.