Monday, 28 November 2011

French road signs 3 - where to now?

Haven't the foggiest!

On my way over to take some updated photographs for 'La Folie' ( I designed the website) last Friday I had to pass through Betz le Chateau (there are still some bananas about) then take the road marked for Ligueil. That brings you to this junction on the D58 - now I know I need to go left but strangers arriving for the first time,  if they turn around at the junction, get to know where they have come from and where turning right would take them - so by deduction it must be left  - is that how it works? or do we need to have a map or sat -nav - no fun in that!

Here's the misterious looking chateau of Betz le Chateau.


  1. So true !!
    We have had many a happy, if lost, moment, sitting at junctions trying to work out which way to go due to lack of signposts. Either that or the places listed are nothing like you expected them to be - the village you want is only 2km away but not mentioned on the posts !!

    You should try it on a motorcycle:
    You have to find somewhere to stop in the shade, switch off, put sidestand down, unplug bike-to-bike radio cable, climb off, lift helmet up, take gloves off, undo rucksack, find map, walk up to other bike, walk together back to junction to look at roadsigns, have conversation, do the whole lot in reverse then set off.

    The great thing about France is that you can do all this knowing that you won't have a dozen angry car drivers hooting and shouting at you as there are usually no other cars around for miles. We have even stopped in the middle of the junction and the odd car has just worked its way around us.

  2. A decision I made way back in the early days of driving around France was that 'if in doubt, carry straight on' which generally works, though is difficult to put into practice at a T- junction ! I'm sure I saw some wonderful sign help (may have been in Beuvais) where at a T-junction off to the left was marked 'Toutes directions' and to the right 'Autre directions'

  3. The first time came to France in the early 80's We got off the overnight ferry in La Havre and it was very very thick fog. One bit of advice we had been given was if in doubt follow Toutes Directions... Given you could hardly see the kerbs it was the best bit of advice we could have had. Never saw Tancarville Bridge until the return trip!

  4. Yes as I said to Jean this works even in smaller places that might not have the signs. It is also the advice I give to guests because even if it appears to take you in a different direction you'll almost certainly come to a roundabout where you will find your way!