Thursday, 3 November 2011

The lengths some weeds will go to!

We have enjoyed our first little taste of the 'Good Life' here in the Loire Valley courtesy of our first potager and Pauline has started to clear out the beds for the winter. We still have a few late lettuces to pick and our strawberry patch is still producing  (in November!) but all remnants of our wild flowers that provided so much colour in the gites has now gone.
When we first had to clear the garden we had to contend with one particular weed which seemed to go on for ever - I had decided to try and get to the root of it and it proved quite a challenge. As you can see from the photograph it took a fair bit of digging out. 

When I got to the end of it there was a small tube attached which had a note inside - I knew I had been digging for a while but...


  1. Field Bindweed.... well done on getting to the aboriginal end of it. Leave even a witchitty grubs worth in and there'll be twice as many!!
    I personally, hate the stuff!!

  2. We do to but fortunately Pauline loves clean soil so is constantly on the case - thanks for putting a name to it.