Thursday, 8 March 2012

1st Brocante of the year...

Last Sunday we went to our first brocante of the year at Sempes, a village,due to its location, that you will probably only visit if you are attending such an event or perhaps strutting your stuff at the nearby disco at 'Castle Drache'. We had checked out where there was one in the handy ' L'agenda des Brocantes' - although it was our first, there had already been around 100 in the region this year -- that's a lot of bric-a-brac -  but no doubt we will see it at some other venue in the future.

Sadly it turned out to be a rather damp affair with the spell of recent good weather deserting us.It was difficult to make an informed decision when most of what was on sale was under cover.

We did see a white van that appeared to be in 

Plus a book to help us on future trips.

From the balcony of the Mairie we saw what looked like a group of gospel singers entering the church - when we went over to check it out,sure enough there they were and we were 'treated' to a troupe of French
singers belting out a selection of gospel songs in English - check ot the video below...of 'When the saints go marching in' - only in France.....


  1. Great! English in such a small remote place... Perhaps there is no French equivalent.

  2. Think they must have been 'hired' for the day. Was thinking there might be a career move for me there!