Saturday, 10 March 2012

Getting the wind up...

In Plumartin

We had to go 'over the border' recently into Vienne to do a favour for a friend. You know you have arrived when you see their glorious large covered market.

As we were here we decided to take a walk over to the wind farm on the outskirts of town. We had only ever seen them in the distance - on a clear day they can be seen from miles (kilometres) away.

We had to walk past the town's monuments on the way out old and not so old.

You do not have to venture far to catch a glimpse.

Past the curious cows.

And there they are - we all I'm sure have our opinion on these - I was curious as to why 5 out of the 10 were not working. Demand low?

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  1. Demand low... the 'nukes' have to keep working... wave power all the time... the solar PV works during daylight but all the time... coal, gas and biomass can be controlled with demand... the only one that can actually be turned on and off is wind... in a domestic situation you can 'dump' excess power into your domestic hot water or central heating... or the greenhouse... or the swimming pool. Currently, the only way to 'dump' on a grid scale is to pump water uphill into reservoirs for the Hydro to use later... as done in Bonnie Scotland!

    The WVs is "equira ofochn"... or someone asking a question in a Glasgow pub.