Saturday, 31 March 2012

A walk around...Chemille sur Indrois

 For our recent walk around Chemille sur Indrois we could not have picked a better day - spring sunshine at its best. We found the board easily enough but again were unsure where the start of the routes were. We picked the route that we thought started at the other side of the bridge on the Indrois.

We crossed over the 'purple'bridge.

Looked back at the village...

and on to the lavoir on the river.

Then beyond that towards the restaurant 'Le Moulin de Chaude'.

It was only after crossing the river that we picked up a route marker which took us up the hill in front of the restaurant  with great views down to the lake.

The higher we climbed the greater the views

Well most of them!!

Just after the 'block house' we lost the markers  but it didn't matter  as we were just happy to be out there.After checking with a friendly 'local' we got back on track and headed into the woodland.

Down past some impressive stables...

on to the 'Moulin de Pont'.

 Then back out into lovely open undulating countryside.

We eventually ended back on the other side of the lake...

 Which we walked around before we headed back into the village.


  1. That looks a nice walk... the bloque-hause looks as though it could be an ECO-house... wood cladding, small windows... and probably huge windows on the south side for passive heating... effective, but not a nice sight in the countryside.
    The Moulin is far more interesting... generate your own 'Lectric... that's eco [after the outlay] and you can insulate inside those stone walls very succesfully.

    The WV has just given the name of the architect of the bloque-hause... "the nave ortiing"... Ortiing sounds Swedish to me.

  2. This looks a lovely walk through varied scenery. I particularly like the view down onto the lake. Thanks for sharing!