Sunday, 1 April 2012

Church on Sunday,,,Richelieu

This Sunday we are in Richelieu visiting ' Eglise Notre-Dame de Richelieu' which is dedicated to 'Our Lady of the Assumption'. The church is the most dominant building within the market square of this interesting town (see more detail here). Built around 1638 its design is credited to the then architect to the king Jacques Lermercier. Now I thought he was responsible for the entire town and former chateau but according to this very good site on the town this is not the case. 

In any case it is an impressive building, built in a classical style and to remain in such condition is a testament to the architect. Could buildings like this be built today - I often wonder.

The main alter which dates from the 18th century is impressive. 

As are the side alters, one of which is dedicated to St. Vincent who's contract with the cardinal provided the first priests for the parish.

The church organ by Louis Bonn was installed in 1854.It went through a restoration programme between 1992 and 1994

There is the inevitable 'Joan' dedication.

The baptismal font is original.

You should take a look  if you visit the town or park.

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