Thursday, 5 April 2012


Spotted in ditch by the side of the road, you'd be forgiven for thinking this rusty old bike had been dumped but no, it was only resting as its owner an elderly gent worked in the nearby field. Here in France you see very little abandoned property as little if anything, is wasted. Although I'm sure a lot of it spends its second lease of life travelling around brocantes! I always smile when I think about the Barrou brocante where we had a shared stall with our French neighbours.  Francois had among his many fine items an old (very old) wooden wheelbarrow wheel which was riddled with woodworm and looked as if it had very few turns left in it. I joked with him that this was the one thing, for sure, he was taking back home.Late in the day much to my surprise a gent who may well have been as old as the wheel, started to show more than a passing interest in it. I was gob-smacked to see euros change hands and had to ask him why the man had wanted such a wheel - the answer was as short as it was logical - he had a barrow without a wheel!

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