Monday, 23 April 2012

A walk around...Haute -Touche

When Paul and Sally were with us last weekend we were looking for another walk with a bit of interest thrown in but not around a chateau.! We opted to revisit the 'Haute-Touche' safari park near Obterre just 30 minutes away just over the border into the department of Indre. The park markets itself as the 'largest zoo in France' covering an area of 500 ha (1,236 acres) so plenty of opportunities for walking. The start of the visit is a drive-through different species of deer in open enclosures  where you get up really close.

Once into the heart of the park you park-up and then have the option of hiring bikes 

Or take to the lanes on foot as we did.

It was interesting that some of the animals wanted to see who was viewing them but others deliberately  turned away as if they had enough of it, although you can see the young one is still inquisitive and turns its head.

A walk around the lake throws up a number of interesting subjects...

The lemurs were cute...

and we were able to compare them with the meerkats...

and the baby sanglier.

 It was a good walk, though a rather chilly one. We would recommend it for families either on foot or bicycle.The 9 euro entrance fee is good value for money and whatever your thoughts are on zoos some aspects of the way Haute Touche presents the animals.has to be lauded.


  1. When you see a meerkat... don't say "simples"... it upsets them!

  2. Great pics. When we visited we had a fantastic time, and, as you say, it is excellent value for money.