Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Bitter brocante...

On the Sunday of last weekend we visited the brocante at Azay-le-Ferron which would have been a pleasant experience but for the bitterly cold wind blowing  through the village (and the rest of Europe apparently).

My usual search for bizarre items lead me to these colour photographs of the Kennedy brothers...

this toy cocktail bar...

and this piper who was once filled with whisky - long since gone - which was made in Italy oddly enough -not the whisky but the piper, I actually regret not buying this now.

There was also these tree fellas...ready for action

It was a fairly typical Loire Valley brocante with everything but...oh no, there it is!

Think I know what those pans were used for as well...

                                                    View of the church (locked) and chateau,,,


  1. In England, I would never dream of going to a car boot sale, but in France, these brocantes and vide greniers fascinate me.
    The jam looks lovely, or was it marmalade?
    The château at Azay-le-Ferron is wonderful - have you been to look around it?

  2. They always have something of interest and its a good way to send a few hours.We have never done the chateau tour - only gardens.- will do in the future.