Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Chateau du Bois d'Aix

 After our walk around Descartes and having spoken to Cathy at the 'Saint Marc chapel' we decided to drive up towards the Chateau du Bois d'Aix , which is actually on one of the 'walks', to have our first look 'in the flesh' of this chateau which had been spoken about and blogged about (Jean, I think) in the past. If you drive up Rue de Beauregard  on your left as you are leaving the village in the direction of Barrou you cannot fail to be impressed by this chateau which jumps out at you from the left-hand side of the road.

We were lucky in that the gardener saw me taking a picture of this private chateau from the roadside and after an exchange of pleasantries asked if we would like to drive up and have a closer look. The only stipulation being, that we replaced the chain over the entrance on the way back out.

The chateau is even more imposing from close up!

 This is the pool-house!

The view you see from the road is actually the back of the chateau -  not a bad looking back door,eh!

 Here is the front - the gardener said that the place has been renovated from 'top to bottom' and the current owner, when he does drop in, need do nothing else but put his feet up!

By Loire Valley standards this is a very 'modern chateau being built in !911 by an industrialist. There is not a lot of information on it but it was acquired by the state and sold off not so long ago. This auction site says it was the owner who did the renovation who sadly was forced to sell it - the 2,2 million asked for seems a fair price!


  1. It would make a nice gite... take a bit of cleaning though... Fantastic place!

  2. The people who did all the work but had to sell must be distraught!

  3. Get it advertized in the Telegraph as one of the places that you can pick up in France! You know, the articles of where they show properties where 99% of the readers don't have anywhere near that sort of money.
    Shall have to invest in the Euromillions lottery again.

  4. I love the balustrade on the roof of the poolhouse!