Thursday, 12 April 2012

Restaurant...Les Doux Gourmands

Our restaurant research continued Friday lunchtime with a visit to the 'Les Doux Gourmands' in Descartes where we had a fine two courses of 'Salade de Gesiers' and 'Gigot de Agneau'. The starter had everything but the kitchen sink in it and would have been enough on its own! The coffee was included for a total of 11.50 euros per head - good value. 

You have a choice of taking two or three courses as per menu below.

Not really sure why we hadn't eaten here before, perhaps because of its location - away from the main activities of the town - although its actually only a few minutes along 'Rue Rene Boylesve' which is off the main street 'Rue de Commerce' - anyway, we will go back.

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