Thursday, 1 March 2012

Six nations,one bald head...

I watched the Scotland v France rugby match on Sunday with fellow Scot Roger and my French neighbour David. After getting off to a great start it all ended in tears but we were, as usual, glorious in defeat. As a nation we are actually recognized as the best losers in the world - sad but true. I am not a big rugby fan but find the six nations a great tournament.
We were lucky enough to attend a game at the Stade de France way back in 2005 (we were robbed) with friends and family and below is my favourite pic. from that day.

Made me think there was an advertising space opportunity!

Footnote: Did once consider a tattoo of Rabbits, as from a distance they might look like hare!!


  1. Great photo Jim, but a terrible joke !!

  2. Jim, you are like a Munro... you've grown through the natural tree line! And anyway... most professors are lacking in the furry top bracket... all those thoughts burning out the hair roots... and steer clear of rabbits... they'd only find it a place toupee!

    WV is "nylle shournm"... so you are 14€s richer than me [having to use Doris or the one opposite the grainetterie]