Friday, 16 March 2012

French road signs cont,,,

Junction on way back from Sempes brocante - which way now?


  1. You obviously went there from the wrong direction Jim !!
    If you were going the other way it would be pretty clear which way to go next, except that you would be on the way back from where you were going to...........

    1. Ah - I knew I was doing something wrong!

  2. You just crossed the commune boundary... hadn't you! One thing I have discovered... all signs in a commune.... FACE THE CENTRE! The moment you are across that boundary... all you get is the back of signs... until you are past the centre... then you can read names... I think it is a left-over from the war... if Joe Publique didn't know where he was going... the Les Allegedlymannes sanguinely well wouldn't!

    The WV is "paselan rignsin"... a crossword anagram... "Ai!! Please sign RN"