Sunday, 4 March 2012

A walk around...Chambon

We had 'visited' the village of Chambon (just off the D750 outside Barrou ) before to have lunch at the 'Le Vieux Fournil; (must do that post) but on the face of it there was not a great deal more to see. We did however decide to do one of the planned walks around the village and are glad we did.

We parked in the car park opposite the restaurant where the ever useful sign for local walks was posted only the sign was for the whole of Touraine Sud and lacking in detail.We shouldn't really have been surprised that the local plan was actually behind it between a high hedge and the sign itself!

The busy main street of the village - over 300 people actually live here!

The local pottery which displays the work of Jacqeline and Bernard Courcoul to excellent effect. They had just drawn up outside as we were passing and invited us in (more later) - even though they were officially 'closed'- very kind. As it turns out Bernard is actually the Mayor of the village and gave us a little, much appreciated,'local knowledge' for our route.

Not many people will know this 'chateau' as it now looks more like a farm but once it was a stately home.

Looking back down the hill to the village

This way for all!
At one of the 'viewpoints' Chateau Rouvray can be seen in the distance - though not too well with my zoom

The L'etang de la Forge was looking resplendent on this beautiful day.and just as we were counting our blessings...

We noticed some movement on the opposite bank - how lucky are we!
Took a breather before heading back down to the village.

Enjoyed this walk - and what a great day!


  1. Great post!
    A couple of years ago we signed up for an organised 13k randonnee around Chambon which was fantastic with a couple of rounds of refreshments en route. Haven't been back but after reading your post just might do over Easter.

  2. We were lucky to have the perfect day...and the mayor!

  3. Super post. You can't beat France for beauty in all sorts of places.

    1. We are as I said in the post, blessed here in Southern Touraine and the rest of the Loire Valley with a stunning landscape.

  4. This looks a stunning walk and what a beautiful day too! I love the photo of the bench by the etang. It really captures a feeling of rest and relaxation. Lovely!!

  5. I think it is probably a Great Egret, Jim... we saw one the other day in the Claise valley... the other side of the hill... it wouldn't surprise me to find them in the Creuse valley as well... I am thinking that they were forced out of the Brenne when we had the big freeze at the beginning of February... looking for unfrozen, flowing water... and have stayed... much to the displeasure of the 'resident' Grey Herons.
    That walk looks lovely... Pauline and I must do it sometime... really must!