Monday, 19 March 2012

Home thoughts from abroad...

Rarely do I think that I wish I was back in Scotland - much as I love it - while we try and make a new life here in the Loire Valley but yesterday I watched my 'home' team Kilmarnock beat Celtic 1-0 against the odds - they had not lost for over 20 games - in the League Cup Final and wanted to be back'home' with the 'lads'. As I cheered the winning goal I was looking around for my oldest son Paul who like me has a deep affection for 'Killie' -its a man thing, It pleases me that he followed his home team and even though he is now down in London he still follows them closely.

One of the things I love about Killie is that the club song is  (and I don't know why) 'Paper roses' not a song you would associate with a Scottish football crowd but one we love singing,
Here is the crowd giving a 'rendition' after beating our Ayrshire rivals, Ayr United, in the semi-finals.


  1. It's to be hoped that the win in some ways compensates for the gloom of the six nations ....

  2. As enjoyable and exiting as the game was for everyone involved with Kilmarnock, we all send our condolences to the Kelly family at this sad time. Liam Kelly who plays for Killie had the agony of learning his father had passed away at the end of the game. I cannot imagine how difficult that must be for him to deal with on what was his biggest sporting achievement to date.
    Your father will be proud of you Liam.