Monday, 5 November 2012

Expect the unexpected...village houses.

In our Barrou brocante post back in August we mentioned not having taken up an invitation for aperitifs at John-Charles' charming house on the square. Well,our neighbours Jean-Pierre and Caroline reminded us he wanted us to call on him. This is something we have touched on before here - you get a general invitation to 'come take an aperitif ' but with no definite date - and for us Brits this proves a little awkward (doesn't this word really look awkward), we really prefer a set time rather than a casual invitation as we are not as relaxed about these things as our French friends.

They must have sussed this and an invitation came for a set time last Thursday evening. The house was even more interesting than expected - though nothing like what would be a 'normal village house' here in Barrou.

John-Charles' artistic flair, skills and tastes are much in evidence...

...from the moment you walk in the front door - this is the door to his downstairs loo!!!

Part of the salon's walls are covered in fabric which has been hand painted by an artist friend ...

and John-Charles has painted his kitchen ceiling with a blue pigment with a 'fleur-de-lys' pattern...

and his 'bookcase' under the stairs is actually a collection of real book spines.

His house is actually two houses combined and date back to 1805 - with the smaller of the two being the first to be built on the square. On talking to us, and knowing the business we are in of renting houses he asked if perhaps part of his house might be attractive for visiting tourists to use as a stop-over place on their travels - interesting idea - more on this tomorrow.

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