Wednesday, 7 November 2012

New pads..and best of intentions.

 No we are not house Honda started squeaking from one of the rear wheels and after investigation I  found that my rear brake pads were worn down to the security clip - a piece of metal that starts to touch the brake disc when the pads have worn too much. Never knew this until I stripped off the wheel - neat little idea! This is a job that I now choose to do myself as we have to to look at any way we can to reduce our outgoings and my engineering past means that I can. That said I was unsure as to where to buy the parts - my neighbour and friend David again came to the rescue. He recommended a place in Chatellerault and said all he had to do was to give my registration number (even though I had all the car's info to hand) and they would identify the parts I needed. He even phoned for me and placed the order - they would have them next morning - Saturday. He suggested that we should wait until the afternoon to go for them as his experience was that they did not always fulfil their promises

We set of Saturday just after lunch, taking a sample with us, just in case but only to find out that they were not open Saturday afternoons! Ah well - best laid plans and all that!

We tried again Monday morning and they were open and the parts were in - only they were the wrong ones!
After giving them the more detailed information for the car, we identified and ordered the right parts. They would have them just after lunch which meant another trip back to Chatellerault as we had a lunch date with friend back in Mairé  (20km). Now, because they were getting them so quickly we wondered if they were just getting them from another place we found and tried another supplier but only to be told it would be next day - with our lunch time approaching we had to give up our search.

After another good lunch in Mairé we returned with a great sense of deja vu and at last picked up the correct parts.

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  1. It’s a good thing you spent time to check your car for the defect. So how’s it now? Brake pads will inevitably wear off whether you like it or not. However, the quality and thickness of your brake pad will determine its lifespan. I have replaced mine a couple of times. What I usually do is to order 2 or 3 brake pads online and have them on standby if in case I need to replace my current one. If you attempt to fix it yourself, you should first learn from experts on how to do it properly.

    Enoch Ross