Thursday, 22 November 2012

My little project...part I

With not having the funds to do much on our barn conversion at the moment I've had to look at what I can do without spending too much - jobs that mainly require time for example and use existing materials. Like the job to create what will be the litlle 'sitooterie'**. This new little project was to replace the roof on our little outhouse.

Neighbours have told us it was originally used as two animal sheds , thus the dividing wall down the middle, when most of the houses here would have been small farm houses with their small pieces of land somewhere outside the village.

As you can see time and neglect had taken its toll

The first job was to remove the dividing wall and repair the lintel over one of the openings which had been covered over by a fascia board to hide the damage behind it.

To be continued...
** 'Sitooterie' -  a place for alfresco dining.


  1. Its a good job you you put an explanation of Sitooterie... What would the place become with an "h" after the S?

    1. What it will become when he's finished it... dunny!