Tuesday, 13 November 2012

The last brocante...

This photograph above from   http://www.crc-resurrection.org
On Sunday we went to the last brocante of the season at L'Isle Bouchard and it was HUGE,,, stretching across both bridges onto the island and spilling on to both sides of the town - it was actually too big with the effect of brocante blindness taking over after a while. The sun tried to shine through the lingering clouds but only succeeded for short spells. 

As you can see it was very popular..

 ..with some interesting stalls - this extending table should cope with most large dinner parties..

and this one had an excellent selection of door furniture.

 No-one seemed to want this - can't think why!

Don't know the reason for this pig - which was sadly ignored by most people - which was a shame as it had toothache and seemed in need of some tlc.

The stalls were a mix of the usual bric-a-brac, commercial items plus some like the one above which was a travelling roasted chestnut factory. They actually closed the town to traffic for the day (well they had to)
 which, for the main route to Chinon must have caused a few problems for drivers.

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  1. Where the H*** was that advertised... We went through there last Wednesday on our way back from Chinon and never saw any indication it was on! Looks like lots of people did know it was on though.