Thursday, 8 November 2012

Sometimes you need a diversion...

Coming back down home yesterday with friends Mike and Liz via the D50, just after Manthelan, we came across a 'route Barree' sign which, now thinking like the French,we ignored,only to find this one actually meant the road was closed! Rather than follow the diversion recommended, which seemed a little out of the way, we took a right turn just before the sign, along a country road with me telling them that we would find a way back to our route fairly easily ( I hoped!).

After a short drive we came across 'Chateau de Grillemont' nestled within the nearby forrest, which was a pleasant surprise for Mike and Liz though Pauline and I had viewed it externally a few months ago. We had sought it out after other friends Peter and Jane had told us they had visited the chateau during the summer and enjoyed it. We will have to wait until next year to visit the inside as it is only open during six weeks of summer...and we will.

 A few more kilometres around the chateau and we were back on the D50.

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  1. There's a touch of La Guerche about this chateau isn't there? I wonder if they are the same period??
    Good reception tonight... it only took 4 minutes for me to open up, reselect Magazine layout and then load this page!