Thursday, 22 October 2015

Back in Toronto...back in time.

We paid a visit to the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) mainly to see how they presented the history of the country and its original people. Remember being disappointed as to how little was given over to the native American Indians social and cultural history in New York's 'National Museum of the American Indian'.

The museum's building is an attempt at 'blending' modern architecture with old perhaps bucking a trend as the city does not have a great reputation for holding onto its heritage. Not sure if it works however and makes the job done on our local museum at Le Grand Pressigny look like a fine piece of work (IMHO)

The timing of our visit coincided with a temporary display of over two hundred artifacts under the heading of 'Pompeii : In the shadow of the vulcano' which was a little bit of a bonus.

Some of the artifacts apparently upset the Victorians after they were discovered and displayed...can't think why? 

 It was very interesting and made a visit to the actual site more appealing.

Loved the interior of the original building...

less so the new modern addition.

The history of Canada section didn't disappoint...

with a great section on its Aboriginal people.

They gave some great info and showed some unique items belonging to the great Indian chiefs like 'Sitting Bull' above, although my favourite had to be big chief 'Carry The Kettle'...not a great fighter but made a mean cup of tea! Apparently he became chief of his tribe after his brother 'The Man Who Took The Coat' died -honest!

Loved the section on the Inuits where we stumbled into a showing of probably the first documentary I ever watched, 'Nanook of the North'. great! Loved the igloo building sequence where he fitted the window!

Everything else paled after this...

even the dinosaur exhibition.

Although they did pick up again in the furniture exhibition with our very own CRM being well represented.

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