Sunday, 25 October 2015

Church on Sunday...Cathedral of St.James,Toronto

Today we visit the Anglican Cathedral Church of St. James in downtown Toronto.It was built in the nineteenth century in the Gothic Revival style but it wasn’t the first church on this site – it is actually the fourth! The first church on the site, built in the 18th century, was a wooden one when Toronto was still called ‘York’. It survived until 1833 before being replaced by a stone structure. Unfortunately the church was destroyed by a fire in 1839 and the one that replaced it had the same fate in 1849.In 1850 an international architectural competition was held to replace it and the winning design is what we see today,

The church with is central nave and side aisles is well lit from windows from window makers in New York, London and Munich

Loved the ceiling.

 During our visit we got to hear a soloist rehearsing at the altar...a lovely bonus!

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