Saturday, 17 October 2015

Trains planes and automobiles...part III - Model Citizen?

Our TGV train journey to CDG airport was,thankfully, uneventful - though did keep our eye on a certain suitcase! Pauline insisted on checking out our departure gate at terminal 2A as we had trouble checking in online. Shouldn't have bothered as only made her more anxious as couldn't find any reference to Lufthansa - and we were told they normally fly out of Terminal1 by a member of security...this didn't help! Tried to reassure her that nowadays airlines share spots and we would most likely be on an Air Canada flight but unfortunately there was no one at the Air Canada desk to reassure her.

We then made our way to our 5th form of transport of our trip, the CDGVAL shuttle train that links the terminals of this vast airport complex.

As we were flying out the next morning we had booked to stay overnight at the Citizen M hotel near 'Roissypole' as we were keen to try out their 'concept' of 'pads' and 'pods'. All rooms feature a king-size bed, a power rain shower and a tablet moodpad, which controls the room's lighting, music, TV and other electrical equipment. WiFi and movies on the TV are provided free of charge.

It is also quite 'funky' in its layout...

...but found the rooms too 'pod-like'. Glad we experienced it but don't think we'll do it again...too pricey
for what you get, plus as rooms are so small everyone ends up downstairs which got a bit busy with a rich mix of 'characters'- including us !

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