Sunday, 18 October 2015

Church on Sunday...Saint Patrick's, Toronto

We visited Saint Patrick's Roman Catholic (Redemptorist) Church on McCaul Street in Toronto for this weeks church.

The parish was established in 1861 but it would be 1908 before it had its own church. The style is described as 'Romanesque Revival'. It is a pretty church with a central nave with two pillared side aisles.

The altar was dressed with items from their recent 'Thanksgiving' ceremony.

The asp,and indeed all of the church is well lit by stained glass windows.

The side chapels have 'rose' windows

The church has a fine organ.

Where's Joan?, well as you'd expect she's not featured here but the back of the church featured a couple of unlikely characters...

Saint Clement Mary(?) Haufbauer who helped spread the Redemptorist church...

and another saint from the same order, Saint Gerard Magella. Now this is a saint I am familiar with, as being of that persuasion, when taking my 'confirmation' I, like everyone else had to take on a saint's name as my 'confirmation name' and my mother suggested Gerard you can imagine the 'Peters', 'Pauls' and 'Johns' gave me a bit of stick about this but I was actually happy to be a little different. This was the first time I had actually come 'face to face' with him and bizarrely it was on the day (16th October) of his feast day!

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