Monday, 12 October 2015

Lots of Art but little Lard...

A photo walk around the 'art' on display at yesterday' 'Art & Lard' festival in Le Petit Pressigny, in no particular order even though there were two helpful maps showing the numbered exhibitions - we are people who go around Ikea against the arrows.

Examples from the pottery in Chambon

One of the good things about the day is that art is exhibited in a variety of diverse locations around the village in barns caves and houses.The sign above was on display in one exhibition but we weren't sure if it was part of the artwork or belonged to the owners...but it was an odd sign anyway (had the bar been called 'The Edward II',could have made the connection)

Some paintings in a wood store

This could have been entitled 'absent art' as the artist had failed to show!

ET (?)...among others

These weren't part of the exhibition but have included them under the title 'art by the bucketload'

 Art in the 'lavoir'


Really liked these...and the fact that the artist, Yves Galzin passes on his skills to children. 

Art was on display all over the place,everywhere you turned

The 'automaton man' from Betz le Chateau brought along his wind powered exhibition.

and the costume lady from Barrou brought along some examples.

 Always interesting...but still say they should have it during the tourist season as they would probably have more visitors and better weather!

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