Sunday, 11 October 2015

Church on Sunday...just Joan and a chapel.

Today we visit the small chapel within the restyled 'neogothic' room within Chateau du Rivau, the only room of the castle that doesn't retain its 15th century authenticity.

It has an ornate altar piece (of unknown origin) and ceiling.

It contains a set of priests vestments.

A small ornate crucifix hangs on one wall.

Where's Joan?

She is everywhere!...the chapel is off an exhibition room dedicated to her. The chateau played a small part in her 'liberation' of France from the English by apparently supplying war horses used in the siege of Orleans.Its stables at the time were renowned for training 'battle' horses and continued to supply royal stallions over the following centuries.

Joan heaven ...

Joan's image has,over the years, been the subject of much debate...I'd like to think that this version (above) was how she looked - rather than this one...

or even this one...

The exhibition includes this print of the house Joan was born in at Domremy...a place I am sure I will one day make a pilgrimage's all Ingrid's fault!!

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