Saturday, 24 October 2015

Toronto's own chateau...Casa Lomo

 We popped up to visit Toronto's own 'chateau', 'Casa Loma'( Hill House) yesterday.It is a 98 room Gothic Revival style house that was designed and built for financier Sir Henry Pellatt. It was the biggest private residence in Canada.

It has a very interesting history not least because its owner was a man who perhaps had ideas above his station but was none the less a man who wanted to leave his mark...

and he certainly did with this house 

His father was born in Glasgow and he was proud of his Scottish heritage.

The house would compete with many of the Loire Valley chateaux with regards to the splendour of its interior.

It has a beautiful conservatory room with an Italian marble floor...

and ornate glass roof.

At the top of the'Scottish Tower' you get great views south towards the city...

and north to the lodge and stables of the house.

Bizarrely these were connected by an 800 foot long underground tunnel as otherwise the servants would have had to negotiate the road dividing the properties. The tunnel also contained the 'ships' boilers that were required to heat this massive residence.

The stable block which almost rivals Chaumont's now displays a few vintage cars

Sir Henry died in poverty living in the house he had built for his former chauffeur, his demise could be contributed to a number of factors, not least his extravagance -  but he certainly left his mark!

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