Thursday, 15 October 2015

You couldn't make it up...

Trains Planes and automobiles...oh and bus too.

We are off to Toronto for two weeks!!

Our big adventure started yesterday morning with our friend Karen giving us a lift to Le Grand Pressigny to catch the bus to Tours. After the bus wound its way around the deviation at Ligieul and back onto the Tours road the lady opposite us,seated by the central door, rushed to  the front of the bus to tell the driver that the door to the luggage hold was flapping open! Only Pauline and I and a young man after us, put luggage there - with the young man closing (or not as it happens) it  Both he and I went out to check our luggage once the bus had pulled in at the side of the road.As I was about to have a look a car pulled in and the driver came out holding one of our bags!!! It must have fallen out as he negotiated one of the roundabouts and bounced in front of him! Now this was our 'carry-on' bag (maybe we should have) which had our passports, train and plane tickets plus the keys to the house!!!!

How lucky were we?,one that the lady saw the door flapping, she was only one of ten of us on the bus and happened to be sitting in the only seat you could have seen it and two, that there was a car behind the bus.We have driven this road many times and been the only vehicle on the road. The bag could have ended in a ditch and we might have had to retrace our journey - doesn't bear thinking about! We obviously thanked the lady but didn't get a chance to thank the driver THANK YOU wherever you are. The rest of the trip should be straightforward after this.


  1. WOW! What a start to your holiday. You were indeed fortunate that the outcome was positive.

    We wish you good fortunes and a very happy holiday. Gaynor and Tim

  2. Cripes! Well it boosts your faith in human nature. Given that I have none of the latter, I keep certain items on a day bag that never leaves my presence when traveling. Not that it stops me losing stuff.

  3. How kind, although it would have been a different outcome here in Chesterfield, I think. The car driver would have been helping himself to the contents of our house by the time the bus stopped!
    Here's hoping there will be no more such adventures and that you have a wonderful time.