Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Still crazy after all these years...

40 years ago this month Pauline and I started out our married lives in a one bed-roomed flat which was to be our first renovation project and have, since then, worked on 10 houses with varying degrees of renovation.
You would think that after all this time and the fact that we have reached our sixties we would have had enough but no! Surprisingly the bank has given us a mortgage at our advancing age. Now all we have to do is pay it back!We have just 'completed' on this house in nearby La Guerche, which will be a challenge...

not least as will have 'Batiments de France' to deal with because it sits opposite the chateau. 

 We have a great deal of undoing to do but its what we do...

...bulging with potential!!


  1. Great potential, and you are certainly the couple to realise more ways than one.

    Great position opposite the chateau. Good luck!

  2. Looks fantastic and NOT a wreck as described!!