Sunday, 7 August 2016

Church on Sunday...Notre Dame, Chauvigny.

This is Notre Dame the only remaining church in the lower part of Chauvigny in the Vienne. It was  founded around 1020 by bishop Isembert I, who was both lord of Chauvigny and Bishop of Poitiers .

The oldest parts of the existing Romanesque church date from the 12th century. The nave which is impressive, was restored in the 19th century along with the facade.

The ornate 12th century capitals.

A wall on one of the side chapels has a 15th century mural representing the 'carrying of the cross'.

More detail of the side chapels

There are some fine examples of stained glass within the church.

Baptismal font.

Where's Joan?

Here in Notre-Dame she has an altar dedicated to her.

Although it may play second fiddle to the church of St,Pierre lording over it Notre Dame is still worth a visit. 

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