Monday, 1 August 2016

Loches en Voix...

We dragged our friend John along to Loches on Saturday, a place he and Linda had really liked on their visit back in 2013.

They were having their 'Loches en Voix' festival so knew that would add a bit to the atmosphere. The last time we visited the festival we took in a few of the acts but today it was a case of some fish and veg. purchases, lunch, then back home to prepare for dinner guests before a musical night out at Chatellerault.

We did catch a bit of the atmosphere of the festival with 'French Quarter' bringing their music onto the streets.


Lunch was at the Lanterne, great value at 13.50 euros and very tasty. It was very busy so the service was a little slow but didn't detract from the overall experience.

We even got some veg with our lamb! Plus a lovely 'brownie' and ice cream for dessert.

We love Loches...

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