Monday, 29 August 2016

Sunday's brocante(s)...

With friends yesterday we took in two brocantes, first over at Chaumussay which is centred around the old railway station and line. It didn't seem to have the usual 'feel' about it for some reason or other. The road races were on and we had the usual noisy tannoy announcements but...maybe it's now all too familiar!

Even some of the stall holders seemed less than enthusiastic.

With not a great deal of thought to displaying there wares...this chap probably saying 'I know there will be something in there I want, if only I could see it'!

It was good to see something a little more formal with the 'artist in residence' his brightly painted pictures offer a 'feel good' moment as you pass by.

Unlike this offering!

We weren't tempted by it...or this...

or this

or these.

After a pleasant bit of socialising with fellow treasure hunters we headed over to brocante number two at Cussay.

Strange that the clouds were so well received by all...bringing a slight reprieve from the current blistering weather.

We weren't tempted by these...

or this happy chappy...

or him...

or this yellow fellow (would have loved to have seen the room it was in!)

Have seen this fellow before...many times...

but not this fabulous kangaroo onesie, Mike says I should have jumed at the chance to own it!

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