Sunday, 14 August 2016

Church on Sunday...Saint Symphorien,Ciran

The Saint Symphorien church in Ciran, a small village between Ligueil and Loches in Southern Touraine sits on what was the old Roman road between Loches and Poitiers. Part of the existing church dates from the 11th century but the first church here was founded by Saint Martin in the 4th century as one of the five churches in Touraine founded by him.The others are at Candes-Saint-Martin,Tournon-Saint-Pierre,Langeais and Amboise.

In spite of its rich history the church it is neither classified nor listed. 

However, inside the church the Baroque altarpiece from the early eighteenth century is classified as a Historic Monument.

There are two side chapels in what is,apart from the altar, a fairly uninspiring interior.

Although it does have some interesting roof trusses un the nave.

It has some pretty stained glass windows

Where's Joan, she is here in her familiar pose.

The church has been altered and added to over the centuries.

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