Saturday, 20 August 2016

Guest appearance...

I love Loches, it's one of our favourite places here in Southern Touraine but I don't like the slogan they have chosen to promote this fine town. "I Loches You" ?? the name Loches translates in English to 'Grouper' which is, as far as I know an ugly big hardly appropriate!

Why didn't they just leave it as 'I Love Loches' methinks they overthought it!

Anyway they do try and encourage the use of it as in the short video below which features an  "Australian" who just happened to be staying at our rental house the 'Old Walnut Mill'.Can understand her getting involved as she was good fun!

Here is what she thought of her stay at the house:

"Thank you so much for such a lovely beautiful experience in the Loire Valley. We came for 5 days and stayed for 9 in your beautiful home, it made us feel that Sydney, Australia was just around the corner. Your marvellous hospitality was very much appreciated. I wish we could say that we will be back but we are so far away...but we will recommend you to as many people as possible travelling to your wonderful part of the world."

Sharon & Gavin
June 2016

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