Saturday, 28 September 2013

A walk in the park...

I have spent the last couple of days tramping the streets of this fine city that is Paris...trying to see the non-tourist side of a city that once you get to know well I'm sure you must come to realise you do not know it at all - so many surprises and contradictions. For all the glamour and the 'beautiful people' (and their are many) their is the ugly and the destitute.

I am here for the purposes of research (for of course and as Pauline is off plodding (no doubt) the streets of Krakow with 'the girls' I have only myself and my feet to consider.

One of the joys of Paris is its green spaces and although Pauline and I have visited many there were still more to discover. Yesterday I made my way down to southern edge of the 15th arrondissement to visit 'Parc Georges Brassens' named after the legendary French singer who's music I've come to know since moving over here.The park is on the site of a former abattoir that is close to the home(s) where Monsieur Brassens lived.

It is a tranquil place...

...where I chose to eat lunch.

With the added bonus of some background classical guitar from a fellow visitor to the park...great.

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