Monday, 16 September 2013

Patrimoine day 2013...Part I

This weekend was 'Journees du Patrimonie' weekend here in France when doors that are normally closed open up for visitors and ones that are normally open, open even wider!
We are not sure but we think that 'listed' historic buildings (Monument Historique) that have had some financial support from the government are obliged to open their doors at least on one weekend every two years...this may not be the case but whatever the reason it makes for a good weekend. 

Unfortunately due to Pauline and I having a changeover at 'Les Balcons' on Saturday we only had yesterday to 'play' with. With our neighbour David and friend Karen we headed over to the 14th century 'Chateau Bridoré' which sits 16km southeast of Loches

We had tried to visit the chateau way back in March 2012 only to find that it was only open from June until September.With so much to see and do here in the Loire Valley it has taken us this long to revisit!

The chateau now is divided into three separate parts...

entering through the old gate takes you into a courtyard with fenced off converted buildings on your left, that the owner now offers for seminars and weddings... 

...and the rather imposing dungeon on your right. 

The third part contains the private residence of the owners.

Yesterday's visit was only to the dungeon and one of the caponiers which we entered via steps and a room on the corner of the private residence of the owners. 

According to the owner this early defensive measure (which incidentally was never really tested here) inspired the great French fortification builder Vauban on to greater things.

Inside the dungeon did not hold a great deal of interest for me as it consisted of a lot of stair climbing to a series of empty rooms...

 ...although Karen loved their authenticity...

...and it is always interesting to see under the roof-space and get access to areas normally reserved for the pigeons!

The views were pretty good too...

 ...all in all a good visit.


  1. A fantastic opportunity to visit places you pass and wonder what is inside.

    We've never been able to be in France to attend on such a day, but next year... ;o)

  2. Have to agree makes for a good day out...but think France misses a trick here,why not make it a week long with different places open on different days then people would get to see more of these mostly 'hidden' treasures.