Monday, 9 September 2013

Expect the unexpected...

If our friend Cally had not let us know, we would have missed an afternoon of dancing at nearby La Celle Guenand, They had a 'Scottish afternoon' with a group of dancers, from of all places, Bristol, giving a demonstration of Scottish Country dancing in the square in front of the church. So glad we went one....

...because it gave me an excuse to don the kilt...and two because they were such an nice bunch of people.

Please try to contain your excitement! 

They dragged us all (French included) up to dance and we had a great time.Don't have any pics.or video as Pauline and I were up dancing, Though did get this one of Pauline when I managed to sit one out by pretending to be taking photographs - actually getting my breath back.

Although they came from Bristol they did have Scottish connections with certain members of the company originally hailing from Scotland. Willie the piper was a charming character, originally from Dumbarton, a man who has had the honour of being the lone piper on the ramparts of Edinburgh Castle during the 'Military Tatoo'. He also let me have a go at his pipes... pipes that saw service during WWII..awesome! 

Willie is quite a character, he has a masters degree in mechanical engineering, is a judo black belt and plays the pipes! Here is his entrance...

Loved the fact that his second name is 'Gass' couldn't make it up!


  1. Morris dancing in kilts?? Glad you could don your kilt you should wear it more often in the hot weather here. Hope you wore it in true Scots style! C

  2. Looks like great fun. Wish we'd been there!

    Do ankle socks form the warm weather kilt accessory?

    1. Fashion faux pas I know but like my sporran, packed away somewhere !