Friday, 27 September 2013

Station cafe...

We were in the 'Le Train Blue' at Gare de Lyon in Paris on Wednesday while doing a 'walk about'.

It is one of those places you should visit...if just to sample its opulence...even though it is 'tres cher'*.

For some reason or other most people tend to walk around with their noses in the air...very posh...

...or maybe its just effect of the ceiling !

*Not for us though - we obviously had our invisible coats on,or didn't look posh enough, as after being shown to a table by one of the three 'meeters and greeters' at the door we were ignored for too long and witnessed people arriving after us being attended to. Although we were assured by a waiter that he would be arriver bientôt it never happened so we left.Perhaps one of the three at the door should have been helping.


  1. It was the accent that did it.... The reputation of the Scots has travelled far and wide! Looks fabulous though!

  2. Good for you!
    There's something satisfying about voting with your feet when the service is c**p !!
    We once walked out of a restaurant somewhere, leaving the exact amount of money for our apéros on the table. We saw the waitress pick it up and pocket it without batting an eyelid as we left. Which shows we were truly invisible!
    It always rankles a bit though - the idea on missing out on a good lunch, especially having had all that time to peruse the menu !!