Saturday, 21 September 2013

Patrimoine day 2013...Part IV

After lunch last Sunday we headed over to the small chateau of Allogny on the other side of the Creuse from Barrou. It has a connection with all of us...Karen was staying there when she first met David who was then the gardener. Pauline helped the previous owners with a spot of cleaning and I helped with their website 

So we were all keen to see what the new owners had done to it.We were shown around by the daughter of the family and they had obviously done a fair amount of research on the place as even David learned something new about its history. The tour started by climbing the lovely spiral staircase up to the bedrooms.

Here there was less furniture than before but it was all done sympathetically 

Then it was down to the bowels of the castle where there was talk of hidden rooms and trial excavations.

Plus a small wine stock... 

...that David just had to check the vintage of. 

Then it was outside to see the exterior which against the September sun was rather dazzling.The exterior wall have all been recently been re pointed and the white lime gave an almost painted look to the building.

After the tour we ended in the main salon (where we had all dined before) for some 'medieval beverages' with the new owners - very welcome.

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