Sunday, 15 September 2013

Church on Sunday...L'église Notre-Dame de Rivière in France

On our recent trip to Chinon because we had our friend Karen with us, along with Mike and Liz, we thought we should let her see the beautiful church of  Notre-Dame de Rivière, in the village of the same name,. We first blogged about it way back in November 2011 when we visited it with M&L - how time flies eh! - but hadn't actually featured it as a 'Church on Sunday' here it is - you can see more detail here.

Once inside the actual church you cannot fail to be impressed by its somewhat flamboyant decoration.The information board at the entrance to the church tells us that the painting was done by 'Count Galembert in 1864' - a count would surely have it done for him - anyway it is how,in the 19th century they imagined a medieval church might have looked.

Looking back down the nave with its ornately decorated vaulted ceiling you are presented with a large painting of the 'last supper' which covers the whole of the wall above the entrance. 

  The church also has other interesting features such as its pulpit and baptismal font...among other things.

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